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LOOJL is an online legal education and edutainment service.

LOOJL is pledged to help humans cure disease sooner, not later.  You can think of a subscription here as an augmentative FOR-PROFIT path to achieve that goal.  We are a community of like-minded folks who want to steer our few dollars more carefully and directly to their target.

Your subscription  to LOOJL services directly supports citizen science efforts to cure human disease.

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Prepaid  legal education and life counseling
    ...-- online chat window
    ...--  limited monthly subscribers
    ...--  $8/month first 100 enrollees
    ...-- free FAQs and library links
    ...-- AI/ML-enabled search

     ...-- no attorney/client relationship

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LOOJL is fullly partnered in service to biomedical research for public benefit.  Over 90% of our revenues will directly support developing the publicly beneficial services of our business associate, kwiKBio Inc. (Barnard, VT), and/or other companies working in similar publi-benefit trajectories.  

LOOJL is a law firm in Massachusetts, with more than 40 years track record in multiple U.S. states, an abnormally high ratio of pro bono activity and never a client complaint filed.


Save your place in line for the $8/month discounted subscription rate, by pre-enrolling!! The $8 base subscription rate will include at least 1 minute of LOOJL's machine-augmented, AI-assist, chat window. When we have 50 pre-enrolled, then we will turn on feature and invite you back to subscribe and GO!!

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